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Sign up by September 15, 2019 and you will have a discount of 750 euro!

If you want to become a professional in business, to access a top management position, to become an entrepreneur or if you intend to change the business environment and to bring about a real and healthy development of the economy, we’ll stand by your side and we are happy to support you, together with an excellent academic staff, carefully selected to meet your needs for improvement!

We offer you a discount of €750 if you enroll in the Tiffin Executive MBA program until  September 15th, 2019.

The program starts on October 26, 2019.

The Executive MBA Program offered by Tiffin University is ranked first among the best-performing programs of this type.

This position is confirmed by one of the most prestigious media institutions – Ziarul Financiar – a careful observer of the management education programs on the Romanian market and initiator of the best programs for MBA / EMBA ranking.

Why Tiffin Executive MBA? Because Tiffin Executive MBA graduates appreciate, among other things:

– The quality of teaching and practical business experience of the American academic staff from Tiffin University, all courses are taught in English;

That teaching tools are based on case studies and workshops, offering the opportunity to study real and current business situations;

The full curricula, which manages to cover the entire business area;

The continuous evaluation of student performance;

The fact that the Executive MBA Program in Romania is the same as the one taught in the US, but at half the price of the US MBA Program.

The two degrees obtained upon Program graduation: Degree of Executive Master in Business Administration, offered by Tiffin University and Master’s Degree in Business Administration, offered by the University of Bucharest;

The quality of being an exclusivist member of a cohort of 25 students with managerial experience.
For more information on enrollment and discounts, please e-mail us at 
office@tiffinmba.ro or contact us by phone at 021 402 54 55.