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Adelina Oprea, Manager, Ernst & Young

Adelina_OpreaProbably like many others, I’ve joined Tiffin Executive MBA program having this desire to go back to school and learn how to become a better professional, to understand what’s behind the management concepts, to share experiences and, why not, to extend my professional network.

With a wonderful and effective way of teaching, starting with practical examples to understand the concepts, Tiffin’s professors taught me even more.
Being a good practitioner and getting desired results is not always enough; the way one chooses to achieve his/her goals also matters. Even if most of us might already know this simple truth, the way these pedagogues explained and led us to judge certain situations in order to take the best decisions was very useful and very inspiring. And this new state of mind didn’t just leave me once the program was over.

I truly recommend Tiffin Executive MBA program to all of you who want to give yourselves a chance to play, discover, learn, understand, and to change a little bit of what you are!