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Florentina Șușnea: “I felt I needed to develop”

A perfectionist by nature, a technician or, more aptly put, a professional turned businesswoman, I found myself – not quite overnight – having to organize and coordinate a business. In order to coordinate a business and make it profitable, it is not enough to be a very good specialist in your area of expertise, as I thought. I realized this at the end of many sleepless nights, missed vacations and piled stress.

The dozens of unanswered questions, my struggles to find out how to organize my business better and better and the thought of the people around me, whom I wanted to keep on my team, were only a few of the reasons which determined me to turn towards an EMBA program.

In other words, I felt that I was missing something, that I needed to improve my management skills as well if I wanted to grow my business and develop my team. This is why I chose to pursue an EMBA program, namely because I wished to become a better manager, a leader.

I first came into contact with the Executive MBA program of Tiffin University at one of the undergraduate and graduate higher education fairs organized in Bucharest. What convinced me to make this choice?

First of all, the fact that it is a program which comes from outside the European region, from an education and teaching system which is different from what I was used to, a program taught by professors who hold courses at the most prestigious universities in the USA.

Second, the work method was convincing to me. I wanted something more applied, based on case studies, on real business situations, which could teach me how to make the best decisions in the shortest amount of time.

Third, I was convinced by the class schedule, as I am involved in the daily organization of the activities of the company I lead and my time is carefully planned. The fact that classes were held only during weekends and that there were five-week breaks between courses gave me the time I needed to study, while also carrying on with my activities within the company.

Both during the program and after completing it, I applied a lot of the information I acquired in my daily activities and revised my business strategy by developing new services for my clients. What is more, I managed to develop my business by introducing means of creating common interest and stimulation among the members of my team.

One cannot speak of leading a company or a business without mentioning management. I have already recommended the EMBA and I encouraged my younger coworkers to attend it and develop their managerial skills. For that matter, I believe that anyone in a management position who takes on responsibilities in this area, who wishes to start or to develop a business and to become a business professional, should consider pursuing an EMBA program.

Florentina Susnea is a Managing Partner – PKF Finconta and a graduate of the EMBA Program at Tiffin University.


Article published in Ghid MBA