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Tiffin University, the American MBA school, celebrates 15 years of excellence in educating top managers

The program offered by Tiffin University US in partnership with the University of Bucharest marks 15 years of activity on the Romanian market.

Over 350 students and graduates of the American business school have benefitted from the exceptional training of the faculty members, the practical structure of courses and have developed their leadership, teamwork and efficient decision-making skills due to case studies.

All this has gained the Tiffin Executive MBA national and international recognition, as it is regarded as capable of creating business professionals with genuine managerial skills and high levels of knowledge.

It ranks first among MBA/EMBA programs according to the ranking made by Ziarul Financiar in 2016, 2013 and 2011.

It is certified by three prestigious academic institutions in the USA, by one European institution and locally by ARACIS (the Romanian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education).

Of the 350 students and graduates, 63% hold top management positions, 17% are in middle management, and 20% are entrepreneurs.

The selected students benefit from the expertise of internationally acknowledged American professionals and the program is deeply rooted in reality, thus meeting the needs for development of people from top and middle management, as well as of entrepreneur’s eager to improve their managerial performance.

According to statistics, the main areas that students come from are: Business Services – 18%, IT -16%, Pharma – 15%, FMCG & Retail – 14%, Construction – 9%, Financial – 8%, Telecom – 5%, Automotive – 5%, Machinery & Equipment – 4%, Education – 3%.

Moreover, the data gathered by the business school shows that most of the graduates of the Executive MBA make changes in their professional life even as early as during the program or within two years after graduation.

According to a study conducted by Tiffin University, 65% of the program’s last year’s graduates have made decisions which majorly impacted their professional activity or the activity of the company they work for. Of those, 30% moved up in their career, 40% changed their workplace and 30% of the managers became entrepreneurs.

The Executive MBA offered by Tiffin University is at the top of the most successful managerial education programs on the Romanian market and has been acknowledged for years as the best EMBA program, aimed at business elites.

The effort and work we put in to make this program the best EMBA program in Romania have been the main goal for us all and we are trying to keep our promise to provide an exceptional study experience’, Laura Mays, Director of International Programs at Tiffin University, declares.

Unlike other MBAs, aside from the standard syllabus, this program takes the needs of each student into account. The professors, all American, are professionals who have demonstrated their academic excellence and rely on international experience in a vast number of industries. They share with their students not only their business expertise, but also their life experience.

At Tiffin University, academic standards superior to those of other business schools generate excellence, which is a major priority in any business environment. Our students learn to take on more than they think they can do in order to discover their true potential”, Roxana Farrugia, Director of the Tiffin Executive MBA Program in Romania, stated.

The program takes 21 months and contains 18 courses, which are held on weekends; each course is allotted three weekends of classes, with a four-week break between courses. There are 27 weekends of classes in total.

Upon completing the program, graduates will receive the Executive Master in Business Administration diploma from Tiffin University, as well as a Master’s degree diploma in Business Administration from the University of Bucharest.

About Tiffin University

Tiffin University promotes a tradition of quality based on a history that goes back over 125 de years, during which time it developed a diverse portfolio of academic fields, university and postgraduate studies and extracurricular activities. Its success on the Romanian market is strengthened by its collaboration with the University of Bucharest, which started in 1999. Since 2002, the Tiffin Executive MBA program at the UB has been recognized as one of the most successful programs. Having said that, Tiffin University aims to maintain and improve the quality standard of its managerial education programs, harboring the conviction that this will contribute substantially to increasing the quality of management in Romanian private and public companies.

Source: Wall-Street.ro