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Bogdan Nițulescu: I succeeded in setting a much clearer direction to my professional progress

Bogdan Nițulescu has graduated from the EMBA at Tiffin University and currently leads the department in charge of SMEs at Microsoft Romania. I studied at the Faculty of Management of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. I have 20 years of experience in IT&C, during which time I formed and led sales and marketing teams in IT&C distribution, which deals with a variety of sales channels at B2B level, aimed at small and medium enterprises. The decision to study at … read more

Two success stories, one common denominator – the Tiffin Executive MBA

Florina Tanase, Senior Director of Legal and External Affairs at Vodafone Romania and Daniel Mateescu, Chief Operating Officer and coordinator of operations for all TotalSoft divisions, are graduates of the Executive MBA program of the American Tiffin University. For the two graduates, the Executive MBA program offered by Tiffin University in collaboration with the University of Bucharest meant effort, commitment, new challenges, sharing ideas and lessons learned. When it comes to life lessons, the most important one that Florina Tanase … read more

Graduation Ceremony 2017

On October 13, 2017, Tiffin University Romania held its fourteenth graduation ceremony at the Marshal Garden Hotel. Twenty-five EMBA students received their diplomas, seven of whom graduated with distinction. Dr. Terry Sullivan, Dean of the School of Business, along with Dr. Teresa Shafer, Vice President for Institutional Planning and Effectiveness and Dr. Reginald Wilkinson, a member of the TU Board of Trustees and President & CEO of the Ohio College Access Network traveled to Romania to be part of the ceremony. … read more

Prof. Laura Mays: Tiffin Program in Romania – One of the most rewarding professional and personal experiences of my life

Laura Mays is Director of International Programs for Tiffin University and Emeritus Professor of Management. As a faculty member at Tiffin University, Dr. Mays teaches MBA courses in Leadership, Individual and Teamwork, Organizational Design, and Transnational Management. The collaboration of Dr. Laura Mays with Tiffin University at the University of Bucharest started in 2002 and turned out to be successful, as the MBA offered by Tiffin University is one of the best MBA Programs in Romania. When Dr. Mays was … read more