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Tiffin University, the American MBA school, celebrates 15 years of excellence in educating top managers

The program offered by Tiffin University US in partnership with the University of Bucharest marks 15 years of activity on the Romanian market. Over 350 students and graduates of the American business school have benefitted from the exceptional training of the faculty members, the practical structure of courses and have developed their leadership, teamwork and efficient decision-making skills due to case studies. All this has gained the Tiffin Executive MBA national and international recognition, as it is regarded as capable … read more

Daniel Mateescu: “Graduating from this program meant reaching an indispensable milestone in my career”

I graduated from the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science, University Politehnica of Bucharest in 2000. Since then, I have attended and completed many other management and project management courses. As the COO of TotalSoft, I am in charge of all the company divisions and I am responsible for a turnover of €24 million, with profitability levels exceeding 20%. I have been holding this position since January 1st, 2012, and before that I was the director of Charisma ERP … read more

Shift of positions on the Romanian MBA market

Ziarul Financiar, one of the most prestigious media institutions, has been keeping close watch over managerial education programs for many years now, and in the past nine years they have been the only ones to rank MBA programs in Romania. Out of approximately 200 students who completed an MBA program in 2015, 140 contributed to the ranking; the programs they graduated from were the following: EMBA Asebuss, EMBA Tiffin University, EMBA Wu Executive Academy, Inde MBA – ASE (the Bucharest … read more

Thomas Debbink, Tiffin: technology and globalization, on the agenda of strategy professors

Technological changes and the globalization process are among the most relevant tendencies studied by strategy professors, according to Thomas Debbink, professor at the Tiffin Executive MBA. “Two of the most important tendencies in strategic management are technological changes and the globalization process. For instance, cost structure is changing in Asia, while salaries are constantly on the rise. Cost structure is suffering compared to Europe and America: at the same time, we are witnessing developments in African industry”, says Thomas Debbink, … read more