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Henry Barker, Ph. D, MBA

Management Professor Business School of Tiffin University Dr. Henry Barker (Hank) was president of the financial-accounting department of Tiffin University, his main professional interest being oriented towards the risk reduction through the use of derivations. Hank has occupied responsibility positions both in the academic environment, and in the private business environment: Five years in the position of COO in a medium size company from the technical services field, with a turnover of approximately 25 million dollars   Seven years of … read more

Daniel Mays, Ph. D.

Management Professor Business School of Tiffin University Prof. Dr. Daniel Mays is a professor at Tiffin University since 1999 and he is teaching a variety of business management classes within the MBA program, both in the U.S.A. and in Romania, among which we are mentioning: Informational technology and decisional support   Accountancy for managers   Management principles and team work   Management principles and decisional modelling   Global and transnational management As well, Prof. Dr. Mays is teaching social psychology. … read more

Patrick McLeod, MBA

Assistant Professor – Management Business School of Tiffin University As Assistant Professor within Tiffin University, Prof. McLeod teaches various classes, both at university level, and at post-university level, among which there are: Operations management   Small Enterprises management   Introduction in Management   Design and research analysis   Middle East History Classes and Islamic Culture   Regarding the consultancy activity, Prof. McLeod has realized training sessions regarding the Operations and Materials Management for the corporative clients. These sessions have contained: … read more

Paul Schwin, MBA

Economy and Finance Professor Business School of Tiffin University Paul Schwin has joined Tiffin University as full time professor in January 2003. Before, he has worked for 28 years for the company US Steel, in 2001 holding the position of deputy instructor. In this period, he held various management positions, among which: Operations controller   General manager for planning   Vice-President for corporative planning   Professor Schwin has retired from the professional activity in the steel industry in 2002. He … read more