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Teresa Shafer, Ph. D.

Management Professor Business School of Tiffin University Teresa Shafer is doctor in Sociology, specialized in the family demography. She has obtained the title of doctor at Bowling Green State University in 1998. The title in Master in Arts was obtained, as well, at Bowling Green State University, and both university diplomas were obtained at Ohio State University, her scientific activity including researches connected to the older people dependency models and the restrictions resulted upon the family members. During the classes, … read more

Laura Mays, Ph. D.

Professor of Management Emeritus Business School of Tiffin University She has formed governmental officials and business managers from Eastern Europe, from the Republics of the ex-Soviet Union and from Middle East in the business development field starting with the year 1993. Besides her duties as full time professor, Prof. Dr. Mays is: Manager for International Programs within Tiffin University, department that includes, as well, the EMBA program offered by Tiffin University in Romania   Co-founder and Senior Partner at the … read more