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Ana-Maria Huțan, National Procurement Manager, Holcim Romania

What sets Tiffin program apart from other programs of its kind in Romania are the teachers who are also practitioners with management experience, hence the practical orientation of the courses. The greatest challenge and also the most useful to me as a professional was to apply all the concepts we were taught in my practical day to day activity. Nothing of what we learned in courses remained just theory. At each step we were asked: “How does this help you … read more

Marius Cimpoeșu, Executive VP ICT & Managing Director, Sustainalytics

Having an engineering background, I decided to pursue a management educational program in order to structure the practical knowledge I gathered throughout my professional career, and consolidate a theoretical foundation for my management skills. I chose Tiffin EMBA both because of its international component and the brand name on the local market. After graduating the program, it proved to be a wise choice. I appreciated most the teaching model based on experiential learning, the right balance between theoretical concepts and … read more

Stewart Lee Goodwyn, Director of Process Excellence, ICM Image & Concepts Management AG partnered with Stefanini EMEA

Working fulltime, taking flights and studying at the same time is a very challenging task. The Executive MBA from Tiffin University @ UB had many convincing arguments in this respect: The outstanding quality and the availability of its experienced all American faculty. The group size and the diversity of their classes. The possibility to maintain employment while studying. This was very tough but efficient. I wanted “high diverse management input/output from tested strategies” – and the Tiffin Executive MBA provided … read more

Valerian Iștoc, Business Development Consultant

Some years ago I was looking for an MBA in order to improve my business knowledge. I am an agronomist (MSc in Romania, PhD in Germany) and at that time I started to be involved in many projects not only as a technical agronomist but also as a business analyst and project developer. I visited presentation seminars of several MBA courses in Bucharest and I choose Tiffin EMBA. The reason? I wanted American professors – a very good choice. I’ve … read more

Camelia Neacșu, Human Resources Manager, Romastru Trading

It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t all perfect, but it was exactly what I needed! Two years of gaining knowledge and self-awareness facilitated by the interaction with teachers and especially colleagues, from whom I “stole” life lessons. As an HR specialist I had to learn more about managing a business, but this experience has broadened my perspective on life in general, not just in business!