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Ștefan Morcov, Managing Director, Siveco Belgium

Great professors who really manage to close the gap between school and reality. Every topic discussed or practiced during the classes had an immediate application the next day, in real business and in real life. Today’s pedagogues talk about the need for moving from learning to knowledge, from knowledge acquisition to knowledge building and to development of competences. Tiffin does it. Their professors have a rare combination of practical business experience, strong theoretical support and use of innovative teaching and … read more

Adrian Badiu, General Manager, Hoya Lens Romania

I’ve joined the Tiffin EMBA program after recommendations from two different friends, expecting to be challenged, to share and learn. I’ve met successful leaders from different companies who have taught me from their own experiences in an environment in which able American Professors have fostered just this, while taking us through the curriculum. I feel more confident, better prepared but, now that I graduated, I miss the classes. Great people, great experiences!

Ana-Maria Huțan, National Procurement Manager, Holcim Romania

What sets Tiffin program apart from other programs of its kind in Romania are the teachers who are also practitioners with management experience, hence the practical orientation of the courses. The greatest challenge and also the most useful to me as a professional was to apply all the concepts we were taught in my practical day to day activity. Nothing of what we learned in courses remained just theory. At each step we were asked: “How does this help you … read more

Claudia Hiristea, Country Head FSC, Novartis Romania

When I chose Tiffin University, I was interested in a university that was as close as possible to that particular place known for setting the models in business world and from where emerged such kind of business programs, more than 130 years ago. So I wanted to follow the original and legendary American way of investigating the business culture, further enriched and developed by the quality and refinement of American nowadays teachers. From the first classes, I had felt a … read more