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Valerian Iștoc, Business Development Consultant

Some years ago I was looking for an MBA in order to improve my business knowledge. I am an agronomist (MSc in Romania, PhD in Germany) and at that time I started to be involved in many projects not only as a technical agronomist but also as a business analyst and project developer. I visited presentation seminars of several MBA courses in Bucharest and I choose Tiffin EMBA. The reason? I wanted American professors – a very good choice. I’ve … read more

Gabriela Diana Dobre, Project Sales Manager, Henkel Romania

I chose the Executive MBA program at Tiffin University … with my soul. And I wasn’t wrong. And if I were to repeat the experience, I would probably start it all over again in a heartbeat. I’ve met people with remarkable moral manners, colleagues who know to share experiences, and above all, an outstanding academic staff, experienced business people and teachers alike. I enjoyed learning really important things related to running a business, things that usually one can’t find with … read more

Camelia Neacșu, Human Resources Manager, Romastru Trading

It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t all perfect, but it was exactly what I needed! Two years of gaining knowledge and self-awareness facilitated by the interaction with teachers and especially colleagues, from whom I “stole” life lessons. As an HR specialist I had to learn more about managing a business, but this experience has broadened my perspective on life in general, not just in business!

Radu Voicu, CEO, Hex IT

When I first joined the program, I was a little reluctant due to the weekends that I had to spend at school. I think that was normal. What is not normal is that after having graduated the program, I feel that I am missing those weekends, my colleagues and the amazing American teachers. And I think these all speak about how good this program is.

Anca Crahmaliuc, Marketing and Communication Manager, Siveco Romania

My experience within the EMBA program at Tiffin at UB was extremely interesting, usefu, and thought provoking. I met wonderful genuine American teachers, trying to understand and to adapt to the European way of thinking and to the Romanian culture. I also met extremely smart and hard working Romanian managers working in multinational companies, in Romanian organizations or even in their own companies. It was challenging to match each others expectations and mental needs – and fortunately we had enough … read more