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Dr. Vinnie Gajjala, Ph.D

Gajjala-Vinnie-2011-IMG_45042Economy and finance professor
Business School of Tiffin University

Dr. Vinnie Gajjala has obtained his PhD in Economy at Pittsburg University in 1995. Later on, he has worked as Financial Manager for an electric power company in Pittsburg. His responsibilities have included: analysis of the invoicing systems and development of new products. Before this, he has worked in the management consultancy field and of the international banking systems.

At Tiffin University, Prof. Dr. Gajjala is teaching finance and economy classes. Before joining Tiffin University, Prof. Dr. Gajjala has worked within Business School of Toledo University, where has taught informatics systems classes and business economy.

From the academic activity of Prof. Dr. Gajjala we are mentioning:

forbulletLeadership of a communications session with the title “Electronic trading, economic structures and consequences of the internet” within the International Conference of the Internet Researchers Association, which has taken place in Maastricht, Holland, in October 2002.

forbulletA great number of presentations at various conferences, one of them being the paper “Entrepreneurship and Globalization – Case study of the Indian software industry”, presented within the “International Conference of the Internet Researchers Association” in Toronto, Canada, in October 2003.

forbulletThe presentation in August 2004 at Oxford University of the paper with the title ”Commercial disputes between EU and U.S.A. and the World Trade Organization”, paper that has been presented at a conference regarding the trading relations between EU and U.S.A.