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Flavius Porumb, Managing Director YERYO International

flavius-porumbI have joined this program having a professional experience gained in state-owned companies, ​multinational corporations and in startup technology companies. My formal education and much of my professional experience is IT&C specialist.

W​hen I have accessed top-management positions, I felt the need for structuring ​the knowledge I​’ve accumulated. I joined Tiffin University EMBA program at UB especially due to its good reputation in Romania, for its well-structured syllabus and for the opportunity to make contact with American professors with relevant business experience.

The learning method based on case studies put me in the position to have at least three benefits: understanding business models ​of companies from very different fields of activity, ​finding solutions for ​the various challenges these companies are faced with, and development of the abilities to reach a​ ​harmonised point of view with the colleagues with whom we work in such cases. In addition, team work and role play gave me the opportunity to understand- and subsequently to apply in practice- the major role of diversity in teams functioning and decision-making.

With a full-time program, the 2 years in this program represented a real challenge to cope with academic rigours, but at the same time it also represented the  opportunity to meet exceptional people​,​ to make  new friends among colleagues and to meet real mentors and role models among teachers.

Thank you Tiffin University!