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Ana-Maria Huțan, National Procurement Manager, Holcim Romania

AnaMariaHutan_micWhat sets Tiffin program apart from other programs of its kind in Romania are the teachers who are also practitioners with management experience, hence the practical orientation of the courses. The greatest challenge and also the most useful to me as a professional was to apply all the concepts we were taught in my practical day to day activity. Nothing of what we learned in courses remained just theory. At each step we were asked: “How does this help you in your work?”

It is like when you have all the pieces of a puzzle, but you cannot imagine how they will fit together, i.e. see the big picture. This is what you win from the Tiffin EMBA program. Understanding how the parts relate to each other, how they combine, how they influence each other and what this influence is.
It is a state of mind. Once you understand this way of thinking you cannot get out of it. It is as if you have seen bidimensional until now and suddenly a 3D vision reveals itself.

You step into a completely different world and you cannot go back to what it was.