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Anca Crahmaliuc, Marketing and Communication Manager, Siveco Romania

anca_crahmaliucMy experience within the EMBA program at Tiffin at UB was extremely interesting, usefu, and thought provoking. I met wonderful genuine American teachers, trying to understand and to adapt to the European way of thinking and to the Romanian culture. I also met extremely smart and hard working Romanian managers working in multinational companies, in Romanian organizations or even in their own companies.
It was challenging to match each others expectations and mental needs – and fortunately we had enough time to manage this. I won’t recommend this EMBA program to anyone who wants to get a fast degree because she/he will be disappointed.
But for those who seriously understand that in order to achieve performance you need patience, dedication, smart & hard work, this experience will be very rewarding.
The fact that at the graduation ceremony in 2006, in U.S.A., 5 students in our cohort received medals (and in fact all were A+ students) was quite a surprise for the American teachers – but absolutely normal for us. Because, all modesty aside, we should admit that most of the new Romanian managers are extremely gifted business people.

And the things we learned within this program helped us without doubt to better understand and face the present economic reality.