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Claudia Hiristea, Country Head FSC, Novartis Romania

Claudia-Hiristea_v1When I chose Tiffin University, I was interested in a university that was as close as possible to that particular place known for setting the models in business world and from where emerged such kind of business programs, more than 130 years ago. So I wanted to follow the original and legendary American way of investigating the business culture, further enriched and developed by the quality and refinement of American nowadays teachers. From the first classes, I had felt a benefic change that overshadowed my professional challenges of that moment – changing the industry, the town and traveling on long distance.  The steady qualitative and quantitative progress, that came with classes, individual or team assignments, confirmed me that I was on the right way.

The Tiffin courses are structuring the huge information accumulated in the business civilization, while preserving the freshness and quality of the whole picture. There is a harmony between theory, case studies and daily reality.

Intensive and effective, I consider TU EMBA program is the best investment in myself, with priceless memories and moments from the class.

For anyone needing to become more self-confident, stronger professionally, or seeking to discover more of his or her own potential, TU EMBA is a successful option.