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Florin Pravai, Head of Domestic Market, Google Romania

The Executive MBA program is the safest way to quickly climb a few steps on the self-development and individual improvement scale. They say that excellence in any field is reached in over 10,000 hours of intense training or further studies (Outperformers, Malcolm Gladwell), and Tiffin Executive MBA certainly covers several thousands of these hours. In addition, a prestigious EMBA program comes with a structured way of learning, which has been constantly improved and guarantees a substantiated way of work and inspiration from teachers and students from previous cohorts.

I recommend Tiffin Executive MBA, a program fully supported by teachers from the U.S.A.; it combines an impressive experience in both the academic and the business area. Students are thus exposed to a different cultural experience, which requires more powerful interactions between them and their teachers.

In this system, teachers not only share business knowledge, but also life experiences and relationships are designed to carry on even after graduating the Executive MBA program.