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Valerian Iștoc, Business Development Consultant

Valerian_IstocSome years ago I was looking for an MBA in order to improve my business knowledge. I am an agronomist (MSc in Romania, PhD in Germany) and at that time I started to be involved in many projects not only as a technical agronomist but also as a business analyst and project developer. I visited presentation seminars of several MBA courses in Bucharest and I choose Tiffin EMBA. The reason? I wanted American professors – a very good choice.

I’ve spent many evenings to prepare for the classes and I’ve learned many things about business management. I’ve learned how to see “the big picture”.
But the most important thing was the change in my mind-set, I’ve got the courage to get out of my comfort zone, I’ve got confidence in my ability to solve business problems. I gave up a position in a multinational company and I have started an entrepreneurial project as Business Development Consultant in Agribusiness.

I strongly recommend Tiffin EMBA for its professors!