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We lead the way towards CARBON NEUTRALITY

As a higher education provider, our on-going challenge is to form leaders who are prepared to guide Romanian business environment toward needed changes. It is our profound conviction that the climate threats confronting our planet can best be addressed through education. Therefore, it is imperative for us to demonstrate environmentally responsible actions. By explicitly linking the core functions of our institution to sustainability and by taking responsibility for our own carbon footprint, we hope that we will demonstrate to our … read more

Prof. Laura Mays: Tiffin Program in Romania – One of the most rewarding professional and personal experiences of my life

Laura Mays is Director of International Programs for Tiffin University and Emeritus Professor of Management. As a faculty member at Tiffin University, Dr. Mays teaches MBA courses in Leadership, Individual and Teamwork, Organizational Design, and Transnational Management. The collaboration of Dr. Laura Mays with Tiffin University at the University of Bucharest started in 2002 and turned out to be successful, as the MBA offered by Tiffin University is one of the best MBA Programs in Romania. When Dr. Mays was … read more

Tiffin EMBA, the best program in Romania

One of the most prestigious institutions of media – Ziarul Financiar – a careful observer of management education programs in the Romanian market, places again this year, for the third time, the Executive MBA offered by Tiffin University, first among the most powerful programs of its kind. Tiffin University welcomes this approach and considers the position obtained an unequivocally recognition of the fact that the university has been able to offer in the academic year 2014 – 2016, one of … read more

EMBA offers you a business user’s manual

George Berar is a dynamic entrepreneur, who used his experience to successfully build and implement operational and financial strategies for a wide range of companies in start-up stage, in the last 10 years. In 2010, George Berar co-founded Benevolent Generations, a group of investments that provide financial support, advice and guidance for a variety of companies. An entrepreneur begins his/her career without management notions, learns from practice, from mistakes and adapts to changes, thus developing his/her own leadership style. The … read more

The road to Valedictorian in an EMBA

Ana-Maria Huțan, Manager of the Sales Management team of Holcim Romania, graduated as Valedictorian the Executive MBA program of the Tiffin American University. Ana-Maria Huțan is one of the pioneers of Holcim Romania, having worked at the company’s sales department for 12 years, shortly after Holcim Group entered the Romanian market.  “When I came in the company, we were seven or eight employees in Bucharest, in the headquarters and we were working in a very small building. Judging by the … read more