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Romania makes history at Tiffin University, Ohio, USA

40 Romanians graduated in 2023 from bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs in business administration at Tiffin University, USA.

On Saturday, April 29, 2023, was held the 135th graduation celebration of Tiffin University, a private academic institution from Ohio, USA. Members of the University’s Board of Directors, as well as the entire teaching staff, attended the event. This year keynote speaker was Richard F. Wallman, entrepreneur and philanthropist, having extended experience in finance and business administration, serving on leadership positions at large American companies such as Ford Motor, IBM, Chrysler, or Honeywell.

“When I was younger, I thought compensation was the most important thing to obtain in a career, but I later realized that learning from smart, successful people is invaluable. The money will always follow when you emulate the behavior of the greats“, said Wallman.

In 2023, 709 students from 20 countries graduated from Tiffin University’s bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral programs, majoring in business administration, law and social sciences, arts and media, or science and technology. For Romania, this was the first year with business administration bachelor’s graduates, the 20th Cohort of EMBA students and the first Romanian to receive the PhD title.

“The 20th EMBA Cohort from the Romanian campus carried out its activities during multiple global crises, from the pandemic to the war in Ukraine, facing the worldwide inflation, economic decline, and the energy shortage. But these were the best times to apply the theoretical learning and practical knowledge, and to witness the business environment approach versus the academic world perspective. I am grateful for the entire TU experience, and I hope that my activity provided a meaningful contribution to this Cohort and to the program“, said Mioara Iofciulescu, Managing Director of Atlantis Romania, who graduated with distinction from the Tiffin University EMBA program.

The concept of “learning by doing” is the foundation of the Executive master in business administration and represents a great teaching method that successfully combines the theoretical information with the practical aspects, offering each student the opportunity to apply what is being taught right away. Working in teams, with professionals from different industries, provided great chances to share experiences and debate ideas that otherwise would have not been possible.

“The curriculum is complex and diversified, including a wide spectrum of subjects, from management, leadership, economics and finance, to marketing, negotiation, law and ethics, addressing actual global problems, challenging critical thinking, and providing essential business education”, said Dr. Teresa Shafer, Dean of the Institutional Affairs at Tiffin University, and responsible for the academic activity within the campus in Romania for the last 20 years.

Tiffin University was founded in 1888 with the clear purpose of transforming people’s lives through education, creating an academic environment focused on student’s success and promoting values such as interdependence, communication, accountability, respect, and entrepreneurship.