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President’s message

Since it was founded in 1888, Tiffin University has successfully trained its students for fulfilling lives and leadership careers remarked by excellence.

Entire generations of Tiffin Alumni brought their contribution for the benefit of their families, communities and professions. Tiffin University has an excellent reputation, valuable academic programs, careful and competent personnel and teachers, outstanding students and a warm and friendly environment in which students always come first.

We invite you to discover our University’s programs and to make sure that our offer is according to your expectations. If you are interested, we are waiting for you to come visit us at our headquarters in Str. Transilvaniei Nr. 6, 1st floor, Bucharest. Talk with our students, faculty and staff and convince yourself that Tiffin is the right place to accomplish your studies. We guarantee that we will do everything in our power to help you achieve your educational goals.

Dr. Lillian Schumacher


Tiffin University