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History and Tradition

Tiffin University promotes education and knowledge for over 125 years. Founded in 1888 in Tiffin, Ohio, this University has developed over the years a vast portfolio of academic fields, bachelor and post-graduate studies and extracurricular activities.

Today, Tiffin University offers various bachelor programs, business master’s programs in:

• General Management

• Leadership

• Safety & Security Management

• Sport Management

• In Romania, Tiffin University offers the Executive MBA program in General Management.

In addition, there is also the master’s degree in Criminal Justice.

The collaboration with the University of Bucharest began in 1999, when the two institutions’ experts initiated a program for Community Justice Management, continuing with the Tiffin EMBA program at the University of Bucharest. This program has been designed for professionals who want to develop their business potential, to improve their knowledge in business and to maximize their employment opportunities.