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Ruxandra Vodă, Corporate Communications Director, Telekom România

An EMBA is meant to support professionals who already have a career, to become better leaders. Most programs of this kind are followed by professionals with at least 10-15 years of experience, the duration is about two years, in weekend sessions, with regular trips. Such a program, unlike other programs, allows you to have a full-time job and at the same time build on the previous experience. Of course, there are modules or courses with a certain theme, but for … read more

Vladimir Spirescu, COO Porr Construct

About business in constructions, in times of crisis, and the help provided by an EMBA program We woke up on a Thursday morning in another world. With deserted streets, with other rules, with people with fears and anxieties they we could not have imagined a few days before. Nothing was the same anywhere. In constructions, usually no day is like the other. Nothing is repetitive. This time … I had no idea what was working and what not. Stock markets … read more

Mihai Voicu, General Manager at Bergenbier SA

The decision to pursue an Executive MBA program was rather a bet with myself, a personal ambition “encouraged” and actively supported by my boss from that period. As time goes by, after 20 years of experience in sales, you tend to believe that you know everything, that nothing surprises you anymore and that your success is guaranteed. And you enter that comfort zone that does us the greatest possible disservice. Until you realize that things change faster than our power … read more

Florin Pravai, Head of Domestic Market, Google Romania

The Executive MBA program is the safest way to quickly climb a few steps on the self-development and individual improvement scale. They say that excellence in any field is reached in over 10,000 hours of intense training or further studies (Outperformers, Malcolm Gladwell), and Tiffin Executive MBA certainly covers several thousands of these hours. In addition, a prestigious EMBA program comes with a structured way of learning, which has been constantly improved and guarantees a substantiated way of work and … read more

Mihai Neagu, CEO Mogyi

About business in times of crisis and the help provided by an EMBA program Through our business DNA, we, Mogyi, are an organization with strong human values ​​and not only on a declarative level, but on a real level. We prefer people’s safety before business, that’s why, in the 2020 pandemic situation, we followed a simple reasoning: the virus will pass, but the people must continue their work (post-pandemic), healthy and at maximum capacity. A professor I had, as a … read more