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Florian Ioniță, Corporate Engineering (IT) Systems Owner, Novartis, Switzerland

I am not good on words, but I will try my best to emphasize my experience during the program. Coming with very high expectations I easily realized that the program’s purpose is more deeply set up to show us how to approach a business issue in different ways; professional, financial, human and act as a leader in taking the right decision and proving the best solution. The business world has a long history and the program is simply learning all … read more

Michelle Dietrich, Manager, World Class International

Of the many wonderful benefits of The Tiffin EMBA program I am most impacted by being a Founding Member of Tiffin University Business Club (TUBC) designed for current and alumni students for networking activities. Through TUBC I am able to keep connected to Tiffin and my colleagues, but moreover, the program helps all of us to connect with the business community and contribute as business leaders seeking growth and development in Romania.

Radu Postolache, General Manager, Qualysoft

When I chose this program I really wanted an American program. After I graduated, I realized that the importance given to the American teachers was too small. Beside the fact that they come with many new concepts in each taught area, they brought the American business culture, stemming from their practice. Moreover, the teaching was outstanding, all based on practical cases and group projects. The evenings spent with the team for these projects were amazing. Although it seems incredible, I … read more

Roxana Voicu, CEO, Equalys Services

Being part of the Tiffin family represented a huge opportunity for me on personal and professional bases, by putting me in contact with people who exceed their own limits only to prove that they are the best in everything they do. The experience also helped me understand the lifecycle of a company by “stealing” from the experiences of my colleagues who perform in different industries and on different layers of management. It helped me understand how different cultures solved similar … read more