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Ruxandra Vodă, Corporate Communications Director, Telekom România

An EMBA is meant to support professionals who already have a career, to become better leaders. Most programs of this kind are followed by professionals with at least 10-15 years of experience, the duration is about two years, in weekend sessions, with regular trips. Such a program, unlike other programs, allows you to have a full-time job and at the same time build on the previous experience. Of course, there are modules or courses with a certain theme, but for me, the EMBA I’ve graduated included a “round”/ complete experience on managing a business.

I think that everyone uses their studies in their own way, in the professional life. For me, there have been helpful in addressing certain business challenges more creatively or holistically. And having in mind that Telekom is a dynamic, always transforming and challenging company, I can say that I have found enough opportunities to apply what I have learned.

On a personal level, every professor at the EMBA marked me, in a very good way. Each teacher, in his own way, touched us professionally and personally, challenged us to be better, to look at things from different perspectives and to build from them. Each teacher impressed me with his dedication, dedication, patience, kindness and love for people. I owe them the time we spent and the beautiful things we did together.

The MBA reaffirmed to me what I do every day: to take each course as a positive challenge, because this way, you have only one option, and that is to succeed.