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ECO 524 – Managerial Economics

This course builds on basic concepts of microeconomics of business theory, with an emphasis on the firms’ use of limited information in an uncertain environment. Awareness of global perspective will be stressed.

MKT 627- Global Marketing Management

This course will focus on the application of marketing principles in the globalized markets of the 21st Century. The combination of global free trade philosophies with local market conditions present an array of opportunities and concerns that need to be understood and managed throughout the world. The course will emphasize the global nature of these decisions and their impact on the management of products, services, brands and new market development.

FIN 617 – International Financial Management

Structure and operation of global financial markets: The international monetary system, global banking, eurocurrency markets, global securities markets, foreign exchange markets, emerging capital markets, and global portfolio management. Financial skills are required for effective management of companies engaged in international business with an emphasis on international financial management, extension of closed economy financial management techniques to the global market environment. Topics include balance of payments and exchange rate determination, the hedging of exchange rate risk, multinational capital budgeting, political risk … read more

MGT 522 – Management of Human Resources

The focus of this course will be on the human side of enterprise and how individuals and their organizations impact each other. Cultural diversity, respect of the individual and interpersonal skills will be addressed.