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MGT 622 – Strategic Management

Strategic Management is required as a capstone course in the MBA curriculum because it involves the most sophisticated and comprehensive approach to the process of organizational management. Key elements to the understanding of strategic management are: Internal organizational analysis, analysis of the external environment, and directing a successful fit between the organization and its environment. This course synthesizes the entire curriculum of the MBA Program. The integration of knowledge into the strategic problem-solving ability that managers will need to responsibly … read more

HRM 610 – Negotiations & Conflict Resolution

The course explores the nature and steps in negotiation strategies for conflict/dispute resolution, labor/management relations and mediation. In addition, the student evaluates interpersonal skills in order to achieve positive outcomes.

MGT 614 – Global and Transnational Management

This course deals with the management of multinational enterprises and managing in a global economy. Building on the interdisciplinary knowledge gained throughout the program, this course will tackle cross-cultural issues, socio-political and economic concern and international strategic management.

MGT 621 – Organization Design and Analysis

The examination of organizations in terms of patterns in design and operation through topics including organizational-environment interface, structure, technology and socio-technical systems and culture are the basis for this course.