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Daniel Mays, Ph. D.

Dan-Mays2Management Professor
Business School of Tiffin University

Prof. Dr. Daniel Mays is a professor at Tiffin University since 1999 and he is teaching a variety of business management classes within the MBA program, both in the U.S.A. and in Romania, among which we are mentioning:

forbulletInformational technology and decisional support


forbulletAccountancy for managers


forbulletManagement principles and team work


forbulletManagement principles and decisional modelling


forbulletGlobal and transnational management
As well, Prof. Dr. Mays is teaching social psychology.
Besides the activity developed within Tiffin University, Prof. Dr. Mays is Managing Partner inside the company Mays Consulting. He has an expertise of over 25 years in the management and consultancy field, in a variety of domains, especially in the medical products industry, technology, en-gross distribution and production.
His expertise in the management field includes:

forbulletThe en-gross distribution of the medical products – he has Executive Vice-President of Quanetics Inc.

forbulletSales and marketing – he has worked as Operations Manager within United Rep & Marketing

forbulletConsultancy in the human resources field

forbulletConsultancy in the software technology and development field – President of Mays Development
Dr. Mays was Manager of the Psychology Institute in New Jersey.
A major part of Prof. Dr. Mays’ consultancy activity is represented by the business planning an strategic planning.

Dr. Mays has obtained the PhD in psychology at Rutgers University. As university specialty, Prof. Dr. Mays has diplomas in English and sociology. He has published many articles in various fields and he is co-author of two papers: “Negative effects in psychotherapy and what can be done in this regard” and “Introduction in psychology”.

“Leader personality inventory”, made by Prof. Dr. Mays, is used for the evaluation of the leading styles in management as well as for employee selection and training.