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Joseph Takacs, Ph. D.

Management Professor

Business School of Tiffin University

Dr. Takacs is working in the tourism field for 38 years. His carrier includes the administration of hotels and Spas, golf fields and restaurants. He has a vast expertise in the Spas management, as well as in leasing and sales.

Till 2007, he was the president of „Vacation Resorts International”, a private company that offered management services for resorts, hotels and condominiums, with over 145 locations in the United States, Mexico and Canada. He was the sole responsible for developing the contracts with the clients, thus succeeding to transform VRI in the biggest non-public company in the United States, with annual maintenance tax collections of near 100 million dollars and a huge sales and leasing success of approximately 50 million dollars on an annual basis.

He has an MBA at Anna-Maria College from Boston and, in the present, he is registered at the PhD program of the Economic Studies Academy from Bucharest, Romania, being focused on the international management strategies.

He is licensed in 25 states as real estate broker (license he has from 1983), as well as Manager of the Community Association (CAM) in Florida and member of LTRBA (licensed by the Brokers Association for the real estate resale).

Dr. Takacs has acted as a teacher within Emanuel University in Oradea, Romania, and within Griffiths Management School, U.S.A.

His entrepreneurial works curriculum includes:

    • forbulletSuccessful launching of new companies


    •  forbulletSales fundaments – Clients for life


    • forbulletFinancial Management Fundaments and Organizational Behaviour


    • forbulletWithin Emanuel University he is teaching:


  • forbulletFinance for Managers


    • forbulletOrganizational Design and Analysis


Moreover, he is teaching at Tiffin University from Bucharest, Romania:

    • forbulletFinancial Accountancy Class


  • forbulletManagerial Accountancy


    • forbulletEthics and decisions making


Each of them are making part of the Masters program in Business Management.