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Elaine Gregory, Ph. D.

Elaine-Gregory-261x300Management Professor

Business School of Tiffin University

Prof. Elaine Gregory has the title of Doctor in Accountancy at Walden University, Minnesota – USA. In 2012 has obtained the MBA from Northcentral University, Arizona – USA, focused on the financial management. Her studies during the elaboration of her dissertation paper have been made at Washington State University and have been focused on Accountancy.

Prof. Elaine Gregory is Chartered Public Accountant, licensed in the state of Washington in the year 1995, and from 2008 is attested as Fraud Controller.

Recently, Prof. Elaine Gregory has been hired as contractor of the United States of America Justice Department, offering financial consultancy in the internal controls field within the good confiscation program. She is an expert in governmental and non-profit accountancy, holding various positions, among which we are mentioning:

forbulletFinancial Manager


forbulletFiscal manager


forbulletLocal Controller (for the non-profit organizations, as well as for the government)


forbulletConsultant for Native American Tribes


She has joined Tiffin University in 2013, occupying the position of Deputy Manager. Prof. Elaine Gregory has continued to extend her education, writing her PhD about the impact of the financial fraud upon the non-profit organizations in 2014.