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Henry Barker, Ph. D, MBA

Management Professor

Business School of Tiffin University

Dr. Henry Barker (Hank) was president of the financial-accounting department of Tiffin University, his main professional interest being oriented towards the risk reduction through the use of derivations. Hank has occupied responsibility positions both in the academic environment, and in the private business environment:

forbulletFive years in the position of COO in a medium size company from the technical services field, with a turnover of approximately 25 million dollars


forbulletSeven years of experience in a big company (8 billion dollars) where he had the position of CIO


forbullet12 years of experience as owner of a consultancy and technology company


His work in the position of CIO has benefited of national recognition (the Management Sciences Achievement Award, granted by Operations Research Society of America), and his consultancy and technology company has been recognized for its pioneering work in the electronic transmission and requests establishing. At the company sale moment, it was the 12th company as volume in the United States.