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Patrick McLeod, MBA

Assistant Professor – Management

Business School of Tiffin University

As Assistant Professor within Tiffin University, Prof. McLeod teaches various classes, both at university level, and at post-university level, among which there are:

forbulletOperations management


forbulletSmall Enterprises management


forbulletIntroduction in Management


forbulletDesign and research analysis


forbulletMiddle East History Classes and Islamic Culture


Regarding the consultancy activity, Prof. McLeod has realized training sessions regarding the Operations and Materials Management for the corporative clients. These sessions have contained:



forbulletPurchasing management


forbulletRisk management


forbulletInventory Management and Production Planning


He has worked within the companied Midland Steel Products, Uniroyal Engineered Products, and Rockwell International, where he has occupied various management positions.

He is certified by the Association for Operations Management and he is a member of the Association for studies of the Middle East. Prof. Patrick McLeod has obtained the MBA title at Youngstown State University.