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Perry Haan, Ph. D

Haan-Perry-IMG_07732Management Professor

Business School of Tiffin University

Ex Dean of the Business School,
Tiffin University

Perry Haan has a PhD in Business Management. He has obtained the PhD diploma at the University in Sarasota, in the year 2000. As well, he has a Masters Diploma in Business the Ohio State University.

Perry Haan teaches and practices marketing for over 30 years. He is a counsellor of Tiffin University Marketing Club, which represents an extension of Delta Epsilon Chi, a business national professional organization, from the United States. Before accessing the academic field, he had a series of positions in the marketing management field and in the financial services field. His scientific activity includes researches in the fields:

forbulletSales and sales management

forbulletMarketing ethics

forbulletEducation and sport marketing

Since he has joined the professors’ collective of Tiffin University, Dr. Haan has published approximately 25 articles in specialty journals like:

forbulletJournal of Marketing for Higher Education

forbulletInternational Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship

forbulletJournal of Hospital Marketing & Public Relations

Dr. Haan is the co-author of the statistics manual: “Practical Statistics for Business. An introduction to business statistics” by Ruth David and Perry Haan, University Press of America.