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Lisa Khale-Piasecki, Ph. D.

Kahle-Piaseck-Lisa-2012-206x300Management Professor

Business School of Tiffin University


Dr. Kahle-Piasecki has joined the team of Tiffin University after finishing the PhD at Toledo University, focused on the improvement of the human performances, studying the ethical practice of productivity maximizing within the organizations.

She has taught at a series of institutions from Ohio and Michigan, having many years of experience in training designing and delivery for corporations, SMEs, organizations and individuals.

In the present, her study interest and her activity area are focused on the use of the technology in the performances improvement process at the working place and in the classroom and performance interventions like mentoring for increasing the efficiency. In the same time, she studies business practices from Latin America and Caribbean, guided by her passion for beaches and good weather. Her abilities are certified by Global Mindset Inventory, having expertise in the international teaching.

Besides teaching, she is:

forbulletReviewer of the International Students Journal


forbulletMember of the Board of Directors of Mentoring Collaborative


forbulletMember of the International Company for Performance Improvement.


forbulletMember of the International Company for Performance Improvement.