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Ron Torten, Ph.D

Professor of Management

Business School of Tiffin University

Dr. Ron Torten holds a B.S. degree in chemical engineering from the Technion –Israel Institute of Technology, an M.B.A. from the University of California, Davis, a DBA focused on strategy and innovation from Capella University, and a Doctor of Information Technology, Data Assurance and Cybersecurity at the same university.

Starting with 2021, he owns a consulting company, Torten Consulting,  and is an adviser and investor.

Dr. Ron Torten joined Inphi in 2007, a leader in high-speed data movement, as the Vice President of Worldwide Sales.

In March of 2012, he moved to lead the Operations and Information Technology organizations. Before joining Inphi, Dr.Torten served as Chief Executive Officer of NemeriX, a GPS fabless semiconductor company, and as Vice President at Agilent Technologies, where he was responsible for global operations. Prior to Agilent, Dr. Torten served as Vice President and General Manager at Agere Systems leading the Storage ICs group and Consumer Networking activities.

Dr. Torten also held marketing, operations, product development, and strategy roles across both HDD and DLT tape business units at Quantum Corporation. Academically, Ron Torten is Professor of Management at Tiffin University and a Member of the University of South Australia Advisory Board.