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Teresa Shafer, Ph. D.

Teresa-Shafer1Management Professor

Business School of Tiffin University

Teresa Shafer is doctor in Sociology, specialized in the family demography. She has obtained the title of doctor at Bowling Green State University in 1998. The title in Master in Arts was obtained, as well, at Bowling Green State University, and both university diplomas were obtained at Ohio State University, her scientific activity including researches connected to the older people dependency models and the restrictions resulted upon the family members.
During the classes, Dr. Shafer is making use of her almost ten years of corporative expertise:

forbulletShe has works on different positions in the non-profit sector and in the insurances field before joining Tiffin University


forbulletShe has advanced knowledge upon the multiple aspects of the higher education


In the present, Dr. Shafer is Vice President for Institutional Planning and Effectiveness within Tiffin University.


Before being a university professor, Dr. Shafer has worked as:

forbulletOfficer for admissions


forbulletCounsellor for financial help


forbulletPublic relations Manager


forbulletConnection officer between departments and programs manager outside the campus of Tiffin University.