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Thomas Debbink, Ph.D.

Thomas-DebbinkManagement Professor
Business School of Tiffin University

Dr. Thomas Debbink is working for Tiffin University and is teaching classes like: Strategic Management, Introduction in Management, Organizational Theory and Business Ethics.
Before working within Tiffin University, Prof. Dr. Debbink has worked in the Department Delphi Chassis from General Motors, where has fulfilled production attributions, quality control and engineering, employee personnel management and purchasing.
His expertise in the consultancy field includes:

forbulletNCR Corporation, Dayton, Ohio – where has made the evaluation of a project meant to reorganize the request fulfilment system

forbulletAdvance Centralized Purchasing Staff, General Motors, Detroit, Michigan – has made the analysis of the corporative restructuring plan and its impact upon the purchasing activities

forbulletKlein Associates, Dayton, Ohio – has made the analysis of the organizational relations for two projects of the American military marine

Regarding the research activity, his interest is focused on taking “make-buy” decisions, transition and organizational fraud.