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Florian Ioniță, Corporate Engineering (IT) Systems Owner, Novartis, Switzerland

Florian-Ionita_v1sI am not good on words, but I will try my best to emphasize my experience during the program.
Coming with very high expectations I easily realized that the program’s purpose is more deeply set up to show us how to approach a business issue in different ways; professional, financial, human and act as a leader in taking the right decision and proving the best solution. The business world has a long history and the program is simply learning all others experience and how to act in the right way taking into consideration every specific business case.
This great chance to be in the class has shown me how to develop an open minded personality into a successfully business. The class student’s interactions were among the most significant outcomes of the course. Meeting and working next to the Romanian business leaders has offered me the chance to develop myself, professional and personal, in a unique experience so far. In sort, I strongly recommended the program to all those that are already in a business environment, at least on a medium management position, for five (5) years. As I like to say, the EMBA program has changed my life.
Thank you, Tiffin University!