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The professional evolution of an MBA graduate

In a competitive and constantly changing business environment such as today’s, companies seek to recruit or secure the loyalty of dynamic and versatile professionals capable of adapting to new challenges quickly and efficiently.

Obtaining an Executive MBA diploma with a specialization in General Management is an advantage for both its holder and the company he or she works for. After completing such a program, a recent graduate has the possibility of pivoting towards several different directions, depending on the professional aspirations and skills developed during classes.

A few of the graduates of the Tiffin Executive MBA were kind enough to tell us about the changes that almost naturally occurred with them shortly after completing the program.

Catalin Bulbariu joined the Tiffin Executive MBA program in 2013, having a vast expertise in the financial and commercial area, gained mostly in FMCG and retail companies. ‘The MBA allowed me to develop my strategic abilities and the capacity to look at the business in an integrated way, which proved extremely valuable when I was part of cross-functional teams involved in transformation projects which impacted the definition of the business model’, Catalin recounts.

Since March 2017, Catalin has been leading the Category and Insights team at Coca-Cola HBC Romania, with the declared goal of connecting business analyses to applicable commercial recommendations. This change in his professional career allowed him to step out of his comfort zone and ‘the practical approach to all business areas, the insights received from MBA colleagues during the program and last, but not least, the confidence gained there significantly facilitated the transition towards this challenging, yet very gratifying role.’

For Cristian Ionescu, the decision to attend an EMBA program came somewhat naturally, given his professional path up to that point. He started as an engineer and, after having gone through several stages, went from team leader to manager of a design department, which allowed him to amass enough managerial experience within IT, thus being able to apply to an Executive MBA program.

Completing the program meant raising the bar for Cristian and constituted a step forward towards a position with more responsibilities, as well as satisfactions, namely that of Chief Information Officer at Bittnet Systems, a successful Romanian project and the first Romanian IT company listed at the Bucharest Stock Exchange. Cristian admits that his professional rise was a challenge, but the “projects, theory and information accumulated during the MBA helped me, in the nearly two years I have been part of the Bittnet management, to turn the technical team here into one of the company’s main engines of growth.”

Daniel Badea had gathered almost 15 years of experience in acquisitions at Selgros Cash&Carry when he chose to enroll in Tiffin University’s program, having been attracted by the teaching method of American professors, which is focused on current business situations and based on work teams. “The MBA I attended at Tiffin University gave me access to the most competitive business education system – the American one – straight at the source. I met exceptional professors, who, aside from sharing their knowledge during the program, also enabled me to build an extremely valuable bibliography. And, more importantly, they instilled in me the desire to read and enhance my knowledge of business theory “. Daniel confesses.

Shortly after completing the program, Selgros offered Daniel the possibility to take over the marketing department, a position which comes with great responsibility, given the size of the company. ”Together with my colleagues, I learned that will gives you the strength to cope with high demands, such as the ones of an MBA, even if they overlap with work obligations and family duties.”

About the Tiffin Executive MBA

The EMBA spans 21 months and contains 18 courses, which are held on weekends; each course is allotted three weekends of classes, with a four-week break between courses. There are 27 weekends of classes in total. Unlike other MBAs, aside from the standard syllabus, this program takes the needs of each student into account. The professors, all American, are professionals who have demonstrated their academic excellence and rely on international experience in a vast number of industries. They share with their students not only their business expertise, but also their life experience.

Upon completing the program, graduates will receive the Executive Master in Business Administration diploma from Tiffin University, as well as a Master’s degree diploma in Business Administration from the University of Bucharest.

About Tiffin University

Tiffin University promotes a tradition of quality based on a history that goes back over 125 de years, during which time it developed a diverse portfolio of academic fields, university and postgraduate studies and extracurricular activities. Its success on the Romanian market is strengthened by its collaboration with the University of Bucharest, which started in 1999. Since 2002, the Tiffin Executive MBA program at the UB has been recognized as one of the most successful programs. Having said that, Tiffin University aims to maintain and improve the quality standard of its managerial education programs, harboring the conviction that this will contribute substantially to increasing the quality of management in Romanian private and public companies.

Source: Wall-Street.ro