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Mihai Voicu, Director General, Bergenbier: Nu cred că un program de MBA îți garantează o promovare, dar îți crește cu siguranță șansele

Sunt licentiat in Drept și am doua masterate in același domeniu.  Din cei aproape 23 de ani de cariera profesională, 20 i-am petrecut in zona de vanzari, unde am avut cam toate rolurile posibile. Incepand cu 1 martie 2020 am preluat poziția de Director General al Bergenbier SA, după mai bine de 1 an petrecut în Bulgaria ca Director General al Kamenitza AD. Atat Bergenbier SA, cat si Kamenitza AD sunt subsidiare ale MolsonCoors Beverage Company din U.S.   Când … read more

The professional evolution of an MBA graduate

In a competitive and constantly changing business environment such as today’s, companies seek to recruit or secure the loyalty of dynamic and versatile professionals capable of adapting to new challenges quickly and efficiently. Obtaining an Executive MBA diploma with a specialization in General Management is an advantage for both its holder and the company he or she works for. After completing such a program, a recent graduate has the possibility of pivoting towards several different directions, depending on the professional … read more

What Makes a Good Boss?

WHEN APPROACHED TO CONSIDER WRITING FOR HR MANAGER, I IMMEDIATELY THOUGHT OF AN ARTICLE I READ JUST A FEW DAYS EARLIER ABOUT GOOGLE. By Dr. Teresa SHAFER I’ve been fascinated with this company for a long time, but more so since a team from Tiffin University (TU) visited its corporate campus in the fall of 2015. During our visit I was struck by the oddity of the corporate and office layout. There were very few walls, no obvious divisions among … read more

Andreea Toloaca, Commercial Director at Orkla Foods Romania: the MBA helped me to see the bigger picture at the time, as well as to gain perspective

Pursuing an MBA program has become a priority in the past few years, as well as an opportunity for those who set out to achieve excellence in a competitive and dynamic business environment. The decision to engage on such a professional trajectory is to a great extent determined by certain traits found in the candidate’s DNA, namely ambition, determination and the capacity to take on new responsibilities on the fly. All these qualities, however, need to be doubled by professional … read more