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Privacy Policy

SC MM Consultants & Trainers SRL
No.6, Transilvaniei Street , 1st Floor, Bucharest – 70 778, Romania
Phone: 021 402 54 54
E-mail: office@tiffinmba.ro

Tiffinmba.ro (“Company”) is committed to maintaining the privacy and integrity of the personally identifiable information (“PII”) with which it may come into contact through users’ interaction with its websites, marketing activities, other business operations and/or online presence (“Activities”). This privacy policy (“Policy”) governs all such Company Activities. The Policy explains to our users the types of information Company obtains from them, how Company gathers and uses it, and how users can restrict the use or disclosure of PII. Company reserves the right to modify its Policy from time to time. Changes to the Policy will be posted on Company’s website, and the amended Policy shall become effective as of the date of such posting. In the event Company’s practices with respect to PII change materially, Company will only apply such practices to PII collected after posting a respectively amended Policy, unless we otherwise have your consent.

The types of information we obtain from visitors to our website Company obtains the personal information about website visitors that they supply voluntarily. You can access Company’s websites without disclosing your personal data. Company may use web beacons (i.e., cookies) to track use of its sites and to track from what sites users came, but it does not collect PII via these web beacons.

The types of information we gather from our customers Personal information provided to Company by its customers may be used to create login names and passwords for Company products and services. Financial information that is provided to Company is used to verify prospective customers’ identity, ability and authority to pay for products and/or services, and/or to bill customers for products and/or services.

How we use the information we gather from our customers Company may use information from its customers to contact them in connection with consumer-initiated inquiries and responses to marketing campaigns, to provide services requested by the customer, to alert customers to changes in services or features, to provide customers with requested information regarding Company or its services, and to correspond with customers about any aspects of an existing transactional relationship with them. Company may disclose its website visitors’ personal data to its subsidiaries, affiliates, and/or other organizations or third parties. Company may also sell, rent, or lease information collected on this site to third party marketers.

Company may also share information, including collected PII, in the following circumstances:
(1) upon receipt of a properly authorized and authenticated governmental request for information;
(2) in response to a subpoena or a court order;
(3) in order to comply with relevant laws;
(4) in response to an investigation of fraud regarding a specific costumer; or
(5) in an effort to safeguard the person or property of a Company employee or a third party.
Finally, Company may, in the future, decide to sell, merge or otherwise reorganize its business. Company reserves the right to transfer and disclose all information, including PII, to entities associated under such circumstances, but data collected by Company will be governed by the same privacy policy that existed prior to any change in business conditions unless you consent to the new privacy policy.

Updating your information
Customers may access, correct, and update information they have provided to Company at office@tiffinmba.ro , or by contacting our customer service department.

Opting out from third-party marketers who used Company’s services
Company may provide hosting services for online marketing companies, e.g., it may license the right to use Internet Protocols (“IPs”) to third parties for online marketing purposes. In the event that you receive commercial email messages from one of Company’s clients, and you no longer wish to receive such communications from Company’s client, Company will route any opt-out requests it receives from you to the appropriate marketer. You may send your opt-out request to abuse@tiffinmba.ro

Company endeavors to safeguard and protect its users’ information. Please be advised, however, that no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be completely secure. Therefore, Company cannot warrant that your information will be absolutely secure. Any transmission of data through our website is at your own risk. However, access to your information is strictly limited, and not accessible to the public.

Consumers wishing to review PII collected by Company on this site should write to Company at the following email address: office@tiffinmba.ro Company may take reasonable steps to confirm the identity of the consumer in an effort to prevent identity theft. Consumers wishing to review PII managed and/or collected by a third party should contact the third party company responsible for the collection of the consumer’s PII.

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SC MM Consultants & Trainers SRL
No.6, Transilvaniei Street , 1st Floor, Bucharest – 70 778, Romania
Phone: 021 402 54 54
E-mail: office@tiffinmba.ro