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Elaine Gregory, Ph. D.

Management Professor Business School of Tiffin University Prof. Elaine Gregory has the title of Doctor in Accountancy at Walden University, Minnesota – USA. In 2012 has obtained the MBA from Northcentral University, Arizona – USA, focused on the financial management. Her studies during the elaboration of her dissertation paper have been made at Washington State University and have been focused on Accountancy. Prof. Elaine Gregory is Chartered Public Accountant, licensed in the state of Washington in the year 1995, and … read more

Thomas Debbink, Ph.D.

Management Professor Business School of Tiffin University Dr. Thomas Debbink is working for Tiffin University and is teaching classes like: Strategic Management, Introduction in Management, Organizational Theory and Business Ethics. Before working within Tiffin University, Prof. Dr. Debbink has worked in the Department Delphi Chassis from General Motors, where has fulfilled production attributions, quality control and engineering, employee personnel management and purchasing. His expertise in the consultancy field includes: NCR Corporation, Dayton, Ohio – where has made the evaluation of … read more

Joseph Takacs, Ph. D.

Management Professor Business School of Tiffin University Dr. Takacs is working in the tourism field for 38 years. His carrier includes the administration of hotels and Spas, golf fields and restaurants. He has a vast expertise in the Spas management, as well as in leasing and sales. Till 2007, he was the president of „Vacation Resorts International”, a private company that offered management services for resorts, hotels and condominiums, with over 145 locations in the United States, Mexico and Canada. … read more

John Millar, Ph. D.

Management Professor Business School of Tiffin University Emeritus Dean, Tiffin University Dr. Millar has joined Tiffin University for more than 30 years and during all this time has activated in various management functions, among which we are mentioning: Dean of the Business School   Vice-President for Academic Affairs (elected twice in this position)   Faculty Dean   Dr. Millar is among the counsellors of K Circle, a leadership organization. In the international management field, he has written study texts and … read more