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Graduate Requirements

To be eligible for graduation, an Executive Master of Business Administration Degree candidate must complete the 36 semester hours of required course work with a cumulative point average of at least 3.00.

Most students will follow the normal graduation procedure of finishing their studies and be approved to receive their degrees by the Tiffin University Faculty at the last Faculty meeting before graduation.

However, a number of students who have completed the vast majority of their programs of studies have requested permission to attend graduation with their fellow classmates. Students who have achieved sufficient progress and appropriate status, will be allowed to participate in a graduation ceremony. However, such attendance does not constitute meeting graduation requirement. In order to qualify for the graduation exercise, they must:
1. be in a good standing in their program of study (i.e., not have any current academic censure, such as probation),
2. have significantly less than one semester’s coursework to complete. In Executive MBA program, this means four credit hours or fewer, be registerd for Summer session in course required for them to graduate.